Terms and Conditions

Liability clause

Kite Eco Travel SAS RNT 59642 is subject to the liability regime established by Law 300 of 1996, Decree 2438 of 2010 and other regulatory decrees. In its capacity as Intermediary, it has limited responsibility in the provision of tourist services by suppliers. Likewise, it has no interference in the decisions or policies of them. The agency does not assume any liability towards the user for the air transport service, unless it is a chartered flight and in accordance with the conditions of the transport contract. The agency does not assume responsibility towards the user or traveller for events such as accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, weather or natural phenomena, safety conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits, health issues and any other case of force majeure that may occur during the trip. All additional information regarding validity, conditions, exit taxes from Colombia and abroad, fees, charges and other mandatory payments, preventive health measures of the destination and assistance services should be consulted with

the travel advisor or on the website www.kiteecotravel.com at the time of booking. Likewise they will be informed to the client in the travel documents, according to the characteristics that apply to each one. All prices and fees presented in this newsletter, receipt, voucher or quotation are subject to changes, availability and validity without prior notice. Restrictions and conditions apply for each published rate according to its validity. The hotel rates depend on the chosen accommodation. The cancellation policies, penalties, restrictions and particular conditions of the package will be informed to the passenger at the time of the issuance of travel documents. In case of force majeure or fortuitous event before or during the trip (accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, climatic factors, riots, safety conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits, health issues, among others), or simply In order to guarantee the success of the plan, the operator and / or the agency may modify, replace or cancel itineraries, dates, flights, hotels, optional services, which is accepted by the client at the moment of acquiring the services. The policies for the reimbursement of services not rendered due to force majeure situations will be defined by each operator and will be confirmed once the travel documents are booked and issued.

Kite Eco Travel S.A.S RNT 59642 is not jointly and severally liable for the sums requested in reimbursement. The reimbursements that may take place will be made within 30 calendar days following the request. However, in the event that the procedure takes more time for reasons beyond Kite Eco Travel S.A.S, it will not recognize any interest on the sums to be reimbursed. The reimbursement percentage will depend on the conditions of the provider and the

administration expenses of the agency. Likewise, in the specific conditions of each plan, the form of payment of the plan and the parameters of the reimbursement will be defined.


If a visa is required, Kite Eco Travel SAS RTN 59642 will provide assistance on the case, being the exclusive autonomy of the consular authority everything related to the procedure, the requested documents, the study, costs, duration of the procedure and approval or rejection. If the visa is denied, there will be no refund for the amounts paid by the applicant. In any case it will be the exclusive responsibility of the client, the processing and fulfilment of the informed requirements.


It shall be the prerogative of the operator or the organizer of the plan, the withdrawal of service from someone who, due to a serious cause of duly proven moral or disciplinary nature, threatens the normality or the success of the service. Kite Eco Travel S.A.S RTN 59642 will not be liable if due to legal or other matters in which the user is involved, the user must withdraw from the service, nor for the additional expenses incurred by the reason of these events. In relation to services not rendered at the time of the user’s withdrawal, the operator’s refund policies will apply, if applicable. Kite Eco Travel S.A.S RTN 59642 is not jointly and severally liable for such reimbursements.


The client will be exclusively responsible for the custody of their luggage and travel documents. Kite Eco Travel S.A.S RTN 59642 can guide the passenger in the event of loss of luggage or travel documents. However, under no circumstances will be liable for the loss, damage, deterioration or loss of said elements.

Kite Eco Travel SAS RTN 59642 will inform the passenger the restrictions the airlines establish regarding prohibitions, maximum weight and number of pieces per passenger, persons or allowed cargo in attractions or tourist sites, limitations or access impediments for maximum quota. However, it will be sole responsibility of the passenger, the compliance with said policies, which can vary by disposition of the transport companies. If there is any individual baggage policy in the market, Kite Eco Travel S.A.S RTN 59642 can refer it to the passenger for it to decide whether to take or not.

The value and form of payment of deposits or advances, tickets, reservation of sporting events and kite trips, fairs and similar, will be subject to the conditions of the organizer of such events, which must be informed with the documentation sent by the operator.

Taxes, fees, and contributions that affect airfares, hotel fares and other services offered by Kite Eco Travel SAS may change at any time by provision of the National Government or foreign entity, as the case may be, which must be assumed by the passenger at the time of tickets issuance or service orders. The client declares that he/she knows and accepts in full these conditions, which constitute the sole, total and exclusive agreement of any pact or legal provision contrary to this one, about the terms, conditions and restrictions of the contracted services. In accordance with the provisions of Decree 2438 of 2010, the undersigned buyer declares to have been informed and to have received, understood and accepted all the conditions and restrictions of the services and products of our own and from other suppliers, providers of tourist services, assistance, transportation and others purchased at Kite Eco Travel S.A.S.

Payment and deposit policy


To guarantee any of the services confirmed by Kite Eco Travel S.A.S, at least 50% of the total value of the plan must be essential.  When making the deposit or payment to guarantee any reservation, the client declares that he knows the conditions of the contracted services and accepts the hotels, transportation, receptive, etc., registered in this confirmation and that nothing should be understood as included if it is not described clearly in this CONFIRMATION OF CONTRACTED SERVICES.

It is important that the deposit required to guarantee the reservation is received on or before the date informed by Kite Eco Travel S.A.S. If the deposit is not received within this period, the reservation will be cancelled automatically. Kite Eco Travel S.A.S, will do everything possible to restore the reservation, but cannot guarantee the rate, category and space initially confirmed. Costs fluctuate according to season offers. To ensure getting the best available prices, according to the chosen travel date, you must make the reservation in advance.

Customers who have confirmed reservations and made the payment in full will be protected in the event of a costs increase. Except taxes, airport taxes and/or charges that are charged by governments, which are

change without prior notice, and any increase must be paid by the user regardless of whether the reservation has a deposit or a final payment.

Full payment: all plans must be paid in full at least 39 days before the start of the trip.

Overview for online payment

  • Our website receives as a form of payment debit cards through the PLACE TO PAY payment gateway system which has enabled PSE payments and credit cards of the following franchises: VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTER CARD.
  • To guarantee your reservation and rate, you must make the payment within the established deadlines and send evidence of the transaction to the corresponding advisor or email info@kiteecotravel.com
  • The data provided must be the same as the one that rests in your financial institution (mailing address, telephone number, identity card, first and last names).
  • The administrative and management fees charged on our website are not refundable in any case.


Overview for Bancolombia bank transfer

Transfers can be made nationwide to the following account:

  • Account Holder: Kite Eco Travel S.A.S
  • Account Nº: 70278705470
  • NIT: 901056638

A copy of the deposit slip must be sent to info@kiteecotravel.com

If the deposit is made from somewhere other than Bogota, the client must pay the cost of the deposit fee in cash of $10,950 Colombian pesos.

Travel Documents: KITE ECO TRAVEL S.A.S will send the travel documents once the total payment (100%) of the value of the contracted kite trip is received.

The purchase of any kite trip will only be effective at the moment in which Kite Eco Travel S.A.S validates the payment made with credit, debit card or the agreed form of payment, and the accounting department has verified it.

Kite Eco Travel S.A.S may request additional information from the client in order to verify any payment.

Cancellation policies

The user who desists from the contracted services is entitled to the refund of the amount paid, depending on the advance notice of the cancellation regarding the start date of the trip, and must indemnify Kite Eco Travel S.A.S for the concepts detailed below:


a. Cancellations received 60 days before the start of the trip will have a refund of 100% of the amount paid and a 5% charge on the total value of the trip due to administrative costs.

b. Cancellations received between 40 and 59 days before the start of the trip will have a 50% refund on the advance payment made.

c. Cancellations received between 39 and 1 day before the trip and/or the no show of passengers at the start of the service will have a 100% charge on the total value of the program.


When the client or users cancel their trip for a justified reason, illness or death of any of the travellers, must be at least twenty-four (24) hours before the start of kite trip, the request will only be taken into account if the supports that justify the cancellation are received: (a) Medical disability from the EPS or (b) death certificate.

Once the supports are received, we proceed to process before the service providers (airlines, hotels, operators, etc.) for the exemption or penalty liquidation or differences caused by change of dates, this procedure does not exempt the traveller(s) from the penalty payment, which will only be returned in the event that the suppliers decide to exonerate the cancellation charge, Kite Eco Travel SAS will have a term no longer than thirty (30) calendar days following the date on which the application was filed before the suppliers .

The valid supports are the following:

  1. En caso de enfermedad:
    a) Incapacidad médica expedida por la EPS o médico de cabecera.
    b) Copia del carnet de la EPS o carnet de salud pre pagada.
    c) Copia de los documentos de identidad de las personas que viajan.
    d) Carta firmada de los pasajeros informando el motivo por el cual no viaja.
  2. En caso de fallecimiento:
    a) Certificado de defunción.
    b) Copia de los documentos de identidad de las personas que viajan.
    c) Carta firmada de los pasajeros informando el motivo por el cual no viajan indicando el grado de consanguinidad de la persona fallecida.PENALIDADES
    Si la cancelación se hiciera con una anticipación inferior a las 24 horas aplicará las condiciones de no show.EXTENSIÓN Y PRÓRROGA DE LOS SERVICIOS TURÍSTICOS.Cuando el usuario desee extender o prorrogar los servicios pactados deberá comunicarlo al prestador con anticipación razonable, sujeta a la disponibilidad y cupo. Los costos causados por las modificaciones y cambios serán asumidos en su totalidad por el cliente o usuario sin responsabilidad por parte de Kite Eco Travel S.A.S.


verifique las condiciones de reserva y pago


en caso que aplique reembolso por cancelaciones dentro de los tiempos establecidos en las políticas de reserva y pago.
Si su tiquete no es reembolsable, pero permite cambios de fecha, puede re programar su viaje sin perder el valor total del boleto. Se realizarán los cobros de los cargos por cambios aplicables.
La tarifa administrativa no es reembolsable y en caso de cambios o modificaciones que exijan cambiar el tiquete se procederá nuevamente a cobrar dicho cargo.
Modificaciones y/o cancelaciones deberán hacerse por escrito de inmediato ÚNICAMENTE vía e-mail a la asesora encargada para que ella se comunique con el operador que corresponda. Solo se cancelará desde la fecha en la cual recibamos el aviso por escrito.

Modificaciones y/o Cancelaciones.

El cliente tendrá que pagar los cargos de penalidad o cancelación, cargos administrativos y/o de servicios que puedan aplicar según las condiciones y políticas del proveedor final. Las primas de seguros (si las hubiese) y los cargos por cambio o servicios no pueden devolverse en caso de cancelación.

No show

No se hará devolución alguna, en caso que el cliente no se presente, cancele o interrumpa los servicios turísticos, después iniciado la fecha de viaje.
El cliente deberá pagar los cargos administrativos y/o de servicios que puedan aplicar según las condiciones y políticas del proveedor final.
Kite Eco Travel S.A.S no asumirá ninguna responsabilidad frente a los asuntos legales u otros inconvenientes en que pueda verse involucrado el cliente, en caso de que el cliente se vea obligado a separarse del kitetrip por tales motivos y así mismo, frente a los gastos personales en que el pasajero incurra.
No se efectuará ninguna devolución o reembolso por la no utilización de cualquier tipo de servicio (transporte aéreo, terrestre o marítimo, alojamiento, comidas, excursiones o cualquiera incluido en un paquete de viaje) cuando el motivo del mismo sean decisión y responsabilidad directa del cliente.

Políticas de equipajes y pasaportes

Los operadores o proveedores pueden negarse a llevar el equipaje o cobrar cargos adicionales, basados en el tamaño, el peso o número de piezas de equipaje que lleve el viajero. Bajo ninguna circunstancia ningún equipaje podrá contener objetos peligrosos, tales como sustancias controladas, armas de fuego, explosivos, oxigeno, cilindros de aire comprimido, sustancias combustibles, etc. Los proveedores u operadores se reservan el derecho de impedir que el viajero lleve cualquier artículo que considere inapropiado.

Inconvenientes de índole personal en el aeropuerto como: pasaporte vencido, visa vencida, permisos del país de menores sin cumplir los requisitos exigidos, homónimos, demandas, llegadas al aeropuerto a la hora no indicada y por cualquier otro motivo ajeno a nuestra responsabilidad y que el viajero no pueda viajar son responsabilidad única y exclusivamente del viajero y no tienen ninguna devolución.

Igualmente los valores cobrados se encuentran sujetos a condiciones y políticas de los proveedores finales.

Tarjeta de asistencia

Se recomienda a todos los viajeros los seguros médicos de viajes, de equipaje y de lesiones corporales, los cuales pueden comprarse por intermedio de Kite Eco Travel S.A.S.

Políticas de reserva

Reservation policies

Reservation details:

It is the client’s responsibility to verify that the information related to the confirmation of the sold kite trip is correct and therefore authorizes Kite Eco Travel S.A.S to carry out the respective emissions and re-confirmations with this data. (Names, identity documents, confirmed services, etc.)

The client will pay the charges that may occur due to modification or changes generated by an error on the personal information previously provided.

It is the obligation of Kite Eco Travel S.A.S to verify the required documentation and the validity thereof for your trip such as: visas, permits, passports, identification documents, required vaccines, etc.


This information is based on Colombian nationality subject to change without notice: It is responsibility of the client and Kite Eco Travel S.A.S to confirm and verify the required documents according to nationality and chosen kite trip. Countries can change their policies at any time without prior notice and without responsibility of Kite Eco Travel S.A.S or its representatives. Kite Eco Travel S.A.S is not responsible for information, visa procedures and other matters that relate to the subject. Kite trips, events and tourist services are not refundable if missed due to lack of

visas or any necessary documentation for the trip that is not in order.


Kite Eco Travel SAS and the client, must verify: NATIONALITY, NAME OF EACH OF THE CLIENTS, DATE OF BIRTH (AGE), DATE OF EXPIRATION OF DOCUMENTS AND IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, in the case that the names do not match the passport and visa (when required), Kite Eco Travel SAS is not responsible for charges and penalties that are generated. For all international trips, you must have a valid passport for at least 6 months.


It is the clients responsibility to verify with the consulates, according to his/her nationality, the required documentation according to the destination to which they are traveling.

Destinations such as: Panama, Honduras Brazil, and the rest of South America require YELLOW FEVER VACCINE. Countries can change their policies at any time without prior notice and without responsibility of Kite Eco Travel S.A.S or its representatives.


Require a valid Birth Certificate and an authenticated exit permit from both parents.

General policies

The services quoted to the clients for our kite trips correspond to regular services, that is, that clients share transportation with other clients that have the same itinerary in: excursions, transfers and downwinds fulfilling the established schedules. If the client wishes a special timetable or private services, a separate quote must be requested which will have a price increase on it.

Our kite trips are quoted with double rooms, which have a maximum capacity of two (2) people and consist of two (2) single beds or one (1) double bed. When requesting simple, triple or quadruple accommodation, the clients must share a bed and the plan must be re-quoted according to the hotel rates in those accommodations. This quote is not valid for another type of room or as otherwise specified: villa, suites, bungalow or other.

The objective of our kite trips can be affected by climatic factors; therefore, Kite Eco Travel SAS is not responsible for the result.

Against child pornography

We act in accordance with the provisions of Law 679 of August 3, 2001 issued by the Congress of the Republic in which they dictate dispositions to prevent and counteract exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with minors. It is also against child labour exploitation. In this sense we comply with the considerations of the Law 1336/09, Law 1329/09 and resolution 3840/09 and its subsequent reforms. We oppose to all types of discrimination based on gender, creed, race, sexual orientation, ideology, age, origin, disability, etc., and

we condemn all of its manifestations. We work under inclusive criteria of equality and respect. According to what is stated in this law, all persons must prevent, block, combat and report the exploitation, lodging, use, posting, broadcasting of images, texts, documents, audio-visual archives, improper use of global information networks, or the establishment of telematics links of any kind related to pornographic material or allusive to sexual activities of minors.

Policies and conditions of kitesurf courses

  1. 1. Kite Eco Travel S.A.S will charge online any of the aforementioned services, through our new website www.kiteecotravel.com
  2. 2. The prices offered in this form must be the same as those that appear on the page of each kite school, in order to guarantee a fair sale and the client’s free will to choose their ideal school for the course.
  3. 3. Once the sale of any of the aforementioned services is completed, Kite Eco Travel is in the obligation of sending the customers’ information to the school and the kite school information to the client in order to guarantee transparency in the transaction.
  4. 4. Once the payment is made, Kite Eco Travel is obliged to wire transfer the kite school, the payment for the purchased service minus the percentage of the agreed commission, in a period of up to 15 working days.
  5. 5. When making the online purchase, the client will receive coupon that must be presented to the chosen kite school for them to provide the stated services.
  6. 6. The kite school must provide the purchased service at the dates and times agreed with the customer.
  7. 7. Kite Eco Travel S.A.S is not responsible for the weather conditions; it is the kite school’s duty to schedule the completion of the agreed services to the client.

Medical Insurance

General conditions:


Medical assistance in case of accident: USD 28,000

Medical assistance in case of illness: USD 28,000

Medical assistance in case of accident and/or illness (non-European countries): USD 28,000

Medical assistance in case of accident and/or illness (country of residence): From 100 km

Medical assistance in case of pre-existence: USD 4,000

Medical assistance in case of pregnancy: USD 7,000

Medical assistance in sports accidents: USD 7,000

Deductible and/or franchise: no

Dentistry: USD 400

Medications: USD 750

Additional compensation for loss of luggage: USD 800

Reimbursement of expenses for luggage delay: USD 300

Reimbursement of expenses for delayed or cancelled flights: USD 300

Sanitary transfer: included

Sanitary repatriation: included

Funeral repatriation: included

Hotel expenses for convalescence: 10

Hotel expenses of a family companion: USD 560

Transfer of a family companion: included

Return travel guarantee: included

Internment: included

Tests for diagnostic evaluation: included

Surgical interventions: included

Early return due to death of a direct relative: dif. rate

Early return due to loss at home: dif. rate

Advance deposit: USD 5,000

Legal assistance: Included

Additional days for hospitalization: 8

Accompaniments of minors: Included

Transmission of urgent messages: Included

Executive replacement: Included

Assistance for theft and/or loss of documents: included

Passenger information service: included

Age limit: Up to 74/85/99 years

Scope of coverage: worldwide

Intensive therapy and coronary unit: included

       1. What is PlacetoPay
PlacetoPay is the electronic payment platform used by Kite Eco Travel to process online transactions generated in the virtual store with the payment methods enabled for this purpose.

       2. How can I pay?
In the Kite Eco Travel online store you can make your payment with the means enabled for this purpose. You, according to the payment options chosen by the merchant, can pay through credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Credential and Diners.

  1. Is it safe to enter my bank details on this website?

To protect your data, Kite Eco Travel delegates the capture of sensitive information to PlacetoPay. Our payment platform meets the highest standards required by the international PCI DSS security standard for credit card transactions. In addition, a Verisign company has an SSL security certificate issued by GeoTrust, which guarantees secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site; This way you can feel safe when entering your card information.

During the payment process, the name of the authenticated organization, the certifying authority and the address bar changes to green in the browser. These features are immediately visible and give guarantee and confidence to complete the transaction in PlacetoPay. PlacetoPay also has the constant monitoring of McAfee Secure and the signing of electronic messages with Certicámara.

  1. Can I make the payment any day and at any time?

Yes, in Kite Eco Travel you can make your purchases online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, just one click away.

  1. Can I change the payment method?

If you have not finished your payment, you can go back to the initial step and choose the payment method you prefer. Once the purchase is finished it is not possible to change the payment method.

Kite Eco Travel: the previous point applies to the payment method, but they must mention the return policies that the store has to comply with article 51 of the Consumer Statute Law.

  1. Does paying electronically have any value for me as a buyer?

No, electronic payments made through PlacetoPay do not generate additional costs for the buyer.

  1. What should I do if my transaction did not end?

In the first instance, check if an email confirming the transaction arrived at the email account registered at the time of

Make the payment, in case you have not received it, you should contact Sasha Ferrer to confirm the status of the transaction.

  1. What should I do if I did not receive proof of payment?

For each transaction approved through PlacetoPay, you will receive proof of payment with the purchase reference at the email address

email you indicated at checkout. If you do not receive it, you can contact Adriana Espinoza or +57 310 572 88 42 or +57 310 681 94 44 or email info@kiteecotravel.com, to request the receipt of the receipt to the same registered email address When paying.